DIY recycling projects are always cool, especially when you can turn your trash into amazing projects, You will love all of these ideas for reusing old items to make something useful.

DIY Wall Vases Upcycled Jars

Perfect for a crafting room, kids play room, or a classroom. Details

Mini Succulent Hanging Jars

A great gift for your family. Details

Ice Cream Chair Planter

The hardest part is cutting the seat out but super easy to make! Details

Reupholster a Chair

It’s just so much fun taking something ugly and old and turning it into something new! Details

Tie holder

A wonderful job keeping the ties organized. Details

DIY Pegboard Organizer

A blank storage canvas you can decorate exactly how you like. Details

underwear in PVC pipes

Grab what you need without disturbing the rest of the drawer. Details

Tin Can Votive Candles

A simple designs which are perfect for the winter holidays. Details

DIY Upcycled Tin Can Organizers

All you need fabric, tin cans, scissors, sponge brush, and modge podge. Details

Tin Can Containers 

Try to disguise the cans with paint, paper, or fabric to conceal the metal. Details

Laundry Room Makeover

This is the one of the cutest laundry rooms makeover, Looking cool and amazing. Details


Simply use that greenish blue glitter polish for the holidays. Details


Fill a flower vase with coffee beans

A pretty decoration that just might help you wake up in the morning. Details